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Lower League Management is something which has always interested me about Football Manager. There is something about running a team of no-name players in a life and death struggle for survival that really appeals to me.

I have tried many versions of the game, and keep being drawn back to FM14. I am not sure why that is. I think it is in part due to the customizations I have made to the skin, the player ground improvements, and the nice regen faces (in my opinion anyway).

The World

I have used an extended lower league database with leagues down to Level 10 playable. My profile is a 25 year old with only Sunday league reputation. Because I am using FM14 as my environment, coaching badges are not on the table.

I have enabled all default leagues of the home nations and Ireland as these will produce youngsters who will be valuable targets. I have also enabled the top leagues in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Holland, and Belgium to allow for a good Champions League environment.

The leagues were loaded and the game holidayed to January 20th, 2017. This gave me three plus years of game progress and history, along with the comings and goings in this time.

The Rules

I can see myself spending quite a few seasons paddling around in the lower regions of English football. I am not a diehard LLM freak, however I do like to impose certain limits on myself. I play with player attributes masked and displaying as a bar instead of numbers. I have a colour coding established so I can gauge the approximate levels of skills but only in broad strokes.

Scouting is not totally restrictive. I view the players known as players I have heard of, either through sites such as transfer market like websites or local online news sources. Until I have sent my scouts to look at a player I will not make a move on picking him up. I don’t search for players by attributes except for the vaguest of values. Typically I will look for speed > 10 to find the fast players for example.


I have imposed a limit of being able to apply for jobs at level eight or below. This limit will be raised should I get promoted with a team. Once I have completed three seasons at a new level, then I will be able to apply for jobs at this new level as well. If I have ten years at a level under my belt, I will allow myself to apply for jobs at the level above as well. Basically I will consider myself to have paid my dues.

If a team reaches down for me then I will of course be free to accept their advances. However these are hard limits on the progression of my career progression. In this game, as in life, their are no free lunches!

On Updates

I plan on updating this save on twitter under the hashtag #BDSNFM. I will be providing commentary of all games, key happenings, and other events. The blog will feature infrequent posts as things progress but it is twitter where the action is!

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