Xira Arien Heights

Last time I had Laid down the basics of my city structure. The design had taken shape and we have a booming city with 7500 people living in it. I do have to get better at specifying milestones, don’t I!

I have also learned some new tricks, including how to work out where the resources actually are located! The Morinfen Farming District is not in the best place for farming and so it won’t be developed further.

First things first, we need a refresher tour of the city as it stands. Time has moved on and it is 24/02/2021 in the city! Legends Estate has a new name – Angus Mackenzie Estate.

The city zone map.

Planning the development

As you can see I have blocked out the road grid for the new development of our city center. When you look at the zoning map you will see that Ambassador Laquatus Strip now extends across in from to Angus Mackenzie Estate.

The newly created Tolarian Academy Zone. This zone will feature my first University when I build it! Planning ahead is the key. Speaking of planning ahead, my plan is to have this area be supplied by bus from the nearby residential suburbs.

Setting the wheels in motion

June 2021

The grid has been laid out, and people are flooding into the area. It is not fully populated yet, as there is not a lot of demand for residential housing despite there being about 5000 jobs available.

Bus Routes

My bus routes have been mapped out. each zone has a way to gt to the new CBD, to each other area, and to the Tolarian Academy University.

Health body, healthy wallet.

At first brush it looked like we needed a Police Department, Fire Department, and a Hospital. As I dug deeper, it turned out that we had very poor healthcare services in the city. Once the police and fire departments were established I turned my attention to the health and well-being of the citizens.

Getting about

I have also been working on the transportation as I look to expand further. Marwyn Hills district has been chosen as the site for first interchange. 

This is the nerve center of my connection to the outside world. It is not particularly tidy, but it is functional. The need for this will become apparent as I develop my farming sector.

New land became available and developing this area will be the focus of next episode.

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