BadDragon City

Welcome to my city development story. I have only just started playing this game and find myself struggling to stick to a save. Now there are a few caveats. 

First of all I am not very good at this game! Second – I am bad at this game! Right now this is out of the way lets get started.

My objectives are simple. Low pollution, Eco-friendly with no traffic congestion! Should be a piece of cake really.

The Beginning

Starting on Diamond Coast, I began by mapping out the blank city template. I have to have ugly industry until we get to 1000 citizens, so I bit the bullet. I did stick it in the corner though!

First night in the Legends District


Things were going swimmingly and then with the stroke of a zoning pen I almost depopulated my city. Enforcing Eco-friendly construction on the whole of your cities residences is a bad move! 

We went from 1000 citizens to 300 as all of their homes were bull-dozed to make way for the new kind of buildings I decided we should build now. 

The agent orange zoning effect.

On the other hand, having shifted my industry to lumber and forestry has worked out well. 

One year in we have population at 1903 citizens, and it seems time to map out my district plan. The more observant of you will notice that we have added a second section of land to the city.

The district plan

Fast forward to 2020

City population is touching 2000, and it is time to think about transportation. The plan is to turn the road through Marwyn Hills to Palladia-Mors Park into the main arterial route. What road you say? It’s coming boys! Believe me, it is!

Nicol Bolas Heights look lovely at night.
Dawn rises over BadDragon City – 18/12/2020

So there you have it. The first few years of what promises to be a good little adventure. Next episode will see us attempt to cross over the river.

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