• Toothless

    13 JANUARY 2014, 10:30
    Went to the dentist and had half my cracked tooth removed.  Sounds like the tooth will have to go in total. Cost me a cool 120 smackers. Am not impressed at all as I had better things to do with the money.

  • Starting out

    I have never been a great on gor keeping a diary. Looking back on my life is not something that has ever been a highlight for me. I guess when you don’t achieve things you setvout to do it is easier to pretend they never mastered.

    The down side is that you get to 51 and you have failed to achieve as much as you Set out to do.
    I have decided to change this. 2014 is going to be the year that I do more than I have before. Or die trying!

  • New Year, new life, yeah right

    Ok, enough of the new year cliche bullshit. I’m over it already.

    2014 is not going to change me all thst much. I add m who I am and quite happy about it. Now there are things about me that I wish to improve on for sure,  but to want to radically reinvent myself -yeah nah. I am happy in my own skin and reasonably content with how things are going.

    Wench and I are getting on great.  I feel that finally I have found some one with whom being myself is not at odds to the relationship.  The fact that she has as much a deviant mind as I do is a nice twist. I see 2014 being the start of a fun time exploring the possibilities that being a couple has to offer.

  • 2014 Objectives

    I have never been one to make detailed plans for the year ahead. I guess this is why I have been not as successful as I perhaps should have been. It strikes me that perhaps I need to change this and make some plans for the new year.

    So here are some things that I wish to do in the next 12 months – in no particular order.

    • Take 3 road trips to different parts of the country.
    • Achieve my savings targets.
    • Develop friendships with 4 couples from different parts of the country.
    • Aquire some new toys to play with.
    • Ensure wench is adequately seen to.
    • Plan a trip overseas for 2015.

    Ok.  Not stellar goals but some things worth looking at attaining.

  • 2013 – Year in review

    The end of another year. 2013. This year has been one with many changes, some highs, some lows, and some more of the same.


    Added wench to the stable. This acquisition has proved to be  benificial, and shows some long term promise.

    Switched jobs finally and am finally getting away from the service desk. While it will be tough to give up the roster,  it is time to move on.


    Mick departed the land of the living,  and went to the great bowling club in the sky. He will be missed,  but it’s better that he is no longer suffering.

    I didn’t suddenly become a millionaire. This was a traffic oversight on my part.